Artwork, story and characters are property of their author and protected by copyright.
All the pictures illustrating this homepage, including the Onamis ^^ are drawn by Minami Ozaki.
This is a fan homepage, created in order to let more Ozaki fans enjoy her d˘jinshis,
that we know can be very difficult to get.
But it's a non-profit HP, and the scans are made for information purpose only.
As I always say, even the best scan can't replace the pleasure of reading a true book ^^

Moreover, all the scans available here are on an small print size,
because my purpose is not to have you print every page and bind them
in a looseleaf. As a scanlator that I am, I've seen that be done many times.
Please, respect Ozaki's works and don't associate a real d˘jinshi with
some low-quality-homeprinted-papers in a looseleaf.

If you want to discuss that further, by mail please.