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Main Section Sub-section Description
● Ozaki → Works List of all the official videos, discs, illustration books, related to Ozaki's mangas. Goodies are not mentionned.
  → Career Not exactly a biography, but a summary of Minami Ozaki's chronological works as far as I know them
  → Bronze Translations of the last volumes.
● D˘jinshi → List chrono. All Ozaki's d˘jinshis sorted by chronological order, from 1986 to 2005. Click each d˘jinshi cover to read its description. Unfinished section (it's a lot of work ^^)
  → List alphabet. The same list, sorted by alphabetical order.
  → Special A detailed summary, with a few scans and translations, of a d˘jinshi. This section is always evolving as I keep adding summaries.
● Authors → Yuina Fujioki Info and scans of d˘jinshis made by the woman who worked with Ozaki during many years in her debut.
  → Circles During her debut Ozaki worked on 'circle d˘jishis' (books that had many stories of other authors); detailed list of the stories and mangaka of each book I know, what has become those other authors afterwards... Unfinished section.
● Tsubasa → Story The basic things you have to know about Captain Tsubasa (the original manga that inspired Ozaki for her d˘jinshis); main chara & team names.
  → Pictures Gallery only about Captain Tsubasa.
  → Videos Some short scenes taken from Cpt. Tsubasa OVA, to let you see Hyűga & Ken moving on the field !
● Zetsuai → Translation Text translations of the final volumes.
● Odai → Story Everything you need to know about the famous J-Drama 'Odoru Daisousasen', also known as 'Rythm & Police'
  → Pictures Casting & pictures from the series
  → Videos Extracts from the series & movies
● Gallery → Pictures Illustrations of Bronze and DokusenYoku.
  → Ozaki Pictures of Minami Ozaki, for those who still don't know what she looks like.
  → Onami Gallery of Onamis I especially like, and some funny stuff I made of it ^^
● Contribute → How to... You can contribute to this website, if you did some fanarts, fanfics, translations etc... I appreciate ^^
  → Fanfics Some fanfics about DokusenYoku. Very rare ;__;
  → Fanarts Draws that fans sent me, about Bronze or DkY.
● Download → Scans Here are the scanlations I made &  fan-d˘jinshis. It's divided into several languages sections. It always evolves as I keep adding new scans.
  → Wallpapers Well, some...wallpapers ^^
  → Goodies Anything you can download. Unfinished section.
● Web → Mail Write me !
  → Links A few links to other Ozaki websites.
  → Guest Sign my guestbook before you leave ^^