Who is Onamichan ?


Nickname: Sakura-chan (I love the name Sakura, love Cardcaptor Sakura, and love the Sakura tree ^^)
Age: 29
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood type: A (which means honnest, nervous, introverted & sensitive person)

I live in Paris, France.

About me   

What could be said... My life's so boring really ^^
My few passions are very basic... watching movies, playing games, reading mangas... but my work and private life take so much of my time that there's nothing left for leisure (V__V) I kinda watch a lot of american TV series, I'm such an addict to the cutey sweety kinky actors they pick especially for me; Michael Scofield :D~ Peter Petrelli :D~~~ James Sawyer :D~~~~~ Dexter Morgan slurp slurp... I don't understand people who ask me why I watch so many TV shows!!! How can you NOT want to watch them?? And of course, the recent series that involve only female charas like Despereate Housewives, the L word etc... I don't give a shit about them ^^
I go to the movies around once a week, maybe you noticed that I like american movies from the way I usually draw Onamis on the website's first page ^^
I play videogames a lot, my lovely husband and I are like videotakus ^^ I love RPG, fantasy games, I play only those but also like to watch other people playing adventure or horror games.
And last but not least : manga & animation ^^ I can't say that I'm an addict, I used to be a few years ago... but it costs a lot of money, and thanks to internet we now have free animes (not really free -_- but let's not talk about piracy ^^)... anyway, I watch much more animes than I read mangas... my favourites are always the more recent. I'm always looking for some interesting & complex things to watch, but unfortunately it's quite seldom.
My favourite animes however are mostly the ones that make you feel emotions (Rumic Theater, Karekano, Hoshi no koe...) or that makes me roll on the floor laughing (Jungle guu, and particularly Ebichu !! I recommend this anime to all extraverted women ^^).
I don't read much mangas, for one reason ; I don't have time ^^ and for another reason; there are tons of mangas edited in France but most of them are crap ^^ there are like 3 yaoi and not the best, the shojos are for 10~15 girls -_- the rest is action-shonen... Besides Clamp there's nothing to bite on, or you have to buy them in japanese but it's much more expensive...
Outside these hobbies, I like traveling & discovering new stuff... I'm found of old japan's history, especially Edo and the samurais, I love Harry potter (aaaaaah :D~~ harrrrrryyyyyy) 'cause he makes such a nice uke ^^ my favourite pairing is with Sirius Black, and I love Gackt. That should be all.


My website wouldn't be the same without the help and support of Gonyosoma-chan, the kind devotion of Ayumie-chan, and Sadomina-chan who provides me with pictures & scans ! Merci ^^