My web provider is giving me hard time with the Yaoi FTP server, so it will remain closed until I find a solution... sorry girls ;__;


- Hello, my name is Sakurachan, I am a Bronze addict
- (all) Hello Sakurachan ! Welcome to the OAA (Ozaki addicts anonymous)
- When Bronze publications stopped... I needed a fix so much that I... I... I've dissolved all 14 volumes in water and injected myself intravenously...

Yup folks, I'm not dead, I'm just not updating anymore... BUT this website is still webmastered, so if you have any query you can email me. Ozaki forever!!


Onamichan !! that's me ^___^ welcome on my website:! If you feel lost, have a look at the Site Map above.
If you don't have menus on the left and top frame, it means that the link you clicked was baaaaad ^^
the normal url is, this is how you get all the frames, and this what you should bookmark!!


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