Bronze Translations

Here's the final translation up to now.
I checked the whole volume 14 page by page, bubble by bubble ^^
A few alterations were done for this new volume, I found one or two places that were
drawn anew, a whole page added (one page before the end of the 5th chapter),
and as for dialogues, just a few words modifications (for example, in the 4th chapter,
when Kurauchi askes Koji why is he so cruel, Koji answers 'to kill time' instead of 'it's funny')
and some added speeches but really no big deal... I just had to check it ^^
The author's note on the rear is nothing important too, I didn't bother to translate, she
just says that it's another ending but still not definitive, and wonders if the real ending will have
to be when she passes away...

Read, download, print and keep it close to your volume 14 copy ^^

* * *


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